Corporate Responsibility and our partnership with Ripple Africa

Across our Prima brands, we are acutely aware of the impact that we are having on our planet. As such we have pledged to ensure that we are Carbon Neutral as a group. By working with the brilliant team at Ripple Africa we are helping to give back to the environment by donating to their Carbon Offsetting programme and facilitating the planting of trees.

On top of this, we have pledged to plant 4 trees for every Life Insurance policy that is taken out. The reason for this is twofold, it allows our customers to donate to a worthy cause at no extra cost to themselves, and secondly to ensure that the Prima Group are Carbon Positive.

UN Certificate of Carbon Offsetting.


We are only just started on our journey with Ripple Africa. So far we have planted…

84 trees

We can’t wait to see how many we can plant over the coming years.


Ripple Africa’s overriding aim is to empower communities so they themselves can achieve a sustainable future – we strongly believe that the local people can be the solution to many of the challenges they face.

We are not just another charity in Africa, everything Ripple Africa does is in response to the local communities’ needs.

By enabling them, great things can happen. Ripple Africa’s belief is “Providing a hand UP and not a hand out,” and that philosophy has been central to the charity’s ideology for nearly two decades.

If you want to find out more or help with the amazing project visit their website here.

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